brown haired woman sitting

Hey there! I’m Amy and I love capturing lovely moments! 

Am I the right photographer for you? Let’s find out…

1 – You want picture that end up somewhere beside your phone.

2 – You want to look and feel confident in those pictures and for them to look beautiful in your home!

3 – You want an experience that is smooth, easy and fun.

4 – You want a photographer that will be by your side through the entire process. Someone who will help you with everything from choosing outfits to hanging your portraits on your walls.

5 – You want someone who will make you feel relaxed and yourself.

6 – You want to feel less stressed about the whole experience.  Who knows that the kids may not sit still.  And that Dad may not be super into it.

7 – You value quality, attention to detail and service!

8 – You are looking for a photographer who has high standards, is meticulous and gives 100%.  You want her to notice if your hair is out of place, or your husband forgot to take his cell phone out of his back pocket (yes, this is important).  And you appreciate a photographer who will get to know you and give you a personalized experience –  and images that capture the essence of you and your family.