This is the part of photography I love the most (wait that’s not true — I LOVE snuggling with babies during newborn photos too, so I guess I love it all) the reveal where you get to see what your love has created in an artfully captured portraits! The reaction couples have when they see their portraits for the first time is priceless! Cue the tears (this is a super common reaction from Moms and Dads during their emotional reveal). It doesn’t matter if it’s a maternity photo session or a newborn photo session the reaction is always the same: pure love and joy.

The Maternity & Newborn Photo Reveal

Whether you’re in the scheduling stages of your maternity and newborn photos or have already completed one or the other, you’re probably wondering when you’ll get your first glimpse of them. Good news: Unlike other photography turnarounds, you can expect to receive your first look about one to two weeks after your portraits are taken. That’s all the time I need to carefully enhance each maternity and newborn photo to highlight your best attributes.

Around the two-week mark, since we were last in contact, I’ll reach out and have you come back into the studio for your preview and order session, during which you will not only be able to view your artwork as if you were in a movie theater, but you will be able to see your artwork on your very own walls.

As you snuggle together on the couch, I will start the show. The tv will come on, your slideshow begins and you’ll see your most important memories larger than life! This is when it’s near-impossible to hold back the tears!

Designing Your Photos in Your Home

Once the slideshow is over, I will guide you through the process of designing your home with your beautiful photography. My software has some pretty amazing features and will take the guessing game out of how to tastefully use your artwork to complement the interior decorating in your home. The easiest way for me to explain what this process is like is that it’s similar to what you see interior decorators to on HGTV, where they superimpose rooms together so clients can envision their final design. My software will takes things a step further. It allows me to hang your portraits on your very own walls in actual sizes. I can add frames to them, create gallery walls and more!

Newborn photos and your first family portrait are perfect art pieces for high-traffic areas like your living room over a mantel or a sofa. Maternity photos go great in areas like bedrooms, hallways, etc. No matter where you are thinking of displaying your photography, I will be able to show you exactly how they will look in your home before you even have them in your hands!

Lastly, what I love about the preview and ordering session, specifically when it comes to newborn photos, is the fact that this is your first opportunity to see just how quickly your baby grows and changes. Even though your newborn photos were only one or two weeks earlier, the changes can be pretty dramatic from what was captured during your session. A growth spurt definitely happens during those first four weeks — their features fill out and can take on a completely different shape. It’s truly amazing how fast these little people change, which is just another reason to document your beginning!

Don’t wait and miss out on your opportunity to capture this exciting and special milestone in your life. Fill out the contact form below and we can chat about all the details, plus I can tell you about all the amazing incentives at the studio that you can use to receive additional memories!

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