If you asked me about the most fun I have at photo sessions, I would have to say Cake Smash! First of all, the 1st Birthday cake smash marks a big milestone in a baby’s life! In some ways that the first year goes by quickly and at other times parents can say the days and nights dragged on forever (at least the sleepless ones!)

1st Birthday Milestone

The arrival of the first birthday is filled with excitement and joy! I love getting to spend time with a one-year-old because at this age the true personalities are starting to show!

At the First Birthday Cake Smash, we start with traditional portraits. I believe in having that perfect portrait of this age which really shows how much they have changed and how far they have come from birth to one year old! After the portraits comes the mess! We save the cake smash for the second half of the session and there is always laughter! It doesn’t matter how many cake smashes I do they always crack me up. There is nothing funnier than watching a babyface plant into a cake!

Cake Smash Planning

As with all my sessions, the Cake Smash does take some planning and I am here to help. Prior to the session, I consult with the client on a theme, color scheme, and clothing options. I order my cakes from Malizzi Cakes and Pastries because they are simply the best! Smash cakes are $40 and I order and pick up the cake and simply pass the cost of the cake onto you. Or you can get the cake on your own, through your own bakery, the choice is up to you!

If your baby is not quite at the cake smash photoshoot stage yet, check out my newborn photography service for more info on photos of younger babies.

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