family photo infront of a barn with parents and three kids

I love photographing families, and when it comes to location photoshoots for families, there are lots of options in regard to location and backdrops.

I’ve put together this collection of group family photos to give you some ideas and inspiration for your own family photo shoot.

family photo with parents and three kids on a bridge

I love using different features of the location to add variety to group photos. In this family portrait, I had the boys sit on the stones next to the bridge, and with Dad with his arm on the bridge, it gives a nice casual and informal feel.

family photo outside a bar with parents and three kids

In this family photo, I’ve matched up the heights with the features of the barn to create some nice symmetry. This cute location was suggested by the client. I encourage my clients to choose locations they like or that have meaning or significance, as it will create wonderful memories when you look at these photos in your home.

family group photo showing family walking together

A fun family group photo idea can be to have the family walking together. This is a nice way of getting natural authentic smiles from everyone!

family photos in autumn with parents and two kids

Having your family photos during the fall is a popular option due to all the wonderful fall colors. This client chose a pretty bridge location near where the family lived for their family photoshoot.

family photo in the woods with parents and two children

For this family photoshoot, we chose a historic local location to provide an interesting backdrop. Stone is a timeless neutral color that looks great with whatever colors you and your family choose to wear.

The youngest family member is being held, which keeps the group compact, and stops this young gentleman from running off to do more interesting things. (His busy schedule for that day did not have photoshoot on it).

Family Photography Packages

I offer a selection of family photography packages where we can work together to create some gorgeous natural and informal family photos. Find out more over on my family photography page.

If you’d like to get in touch to chat about a photoshoot for your family, head over to the contact page. I’d love to hear from you!

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